Why We're All Falling for Plywood

by John Blair |

Kiwis are falling for the wonders of ply.  Home owners and businesses are turning to plywood over more traditional timber in increasing numbers. Here are a few of the advantages and benefits of plywood that explain why the popularity of plywood furniture is flourishing.

 Environmentally friendly 

It may be engineered, but plywood is stil real wood and it's a sustainable product. In spite of the processing it requires plywood is the most efficient use of fast-growing, renewable softwoods. The inner layers are made with very thin sheets of wood from logs that generally wouldn’t make good solid timber, ensuring there is very little waste. 

Plywood furniture Auckland

Strong and flexible 

There's a lot of creative scope with ply. It's lightweight, flexible, user friendly and lends itself to many furniture designs that solid wood does not. Plywood is also an incredibly strong material. To make it, one layer is laid over the other at right angles, glued and compressed. That also means plywood is really reliable.  Whereas wood streches and warps and can behave unpredictably, plywood's cross grains mean it moves very little. 

The aesthetic 

Plywood furniture has a simple, functional beauty, well represented by the Scandinavian aesthetic. Iconic examples of modern furniture design such as Eames’ LCW chair and Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool also demonstrate just how innovative and striking plywood furniture can be. The outer veneers can be silky, gorgeous woods like cherry, birch and maple. When it's well designed, plywood’s even layering of dark and light wood makes an attractive detail on modern furniture. 

Good value

Plywood is proof that great furniture needn't be made from expensive materials. The outer layer may be a veneer of quality hardwood but the layers inside are made with lesser quality material which is where you can enjoy the savings. You get a large sheet of clean, usable material, making the value of plywood hard to deny.