The Beautiful Benefits of Custom Made Furniture

by John Blair |

Have you ever thought about commissioning a piece of custom made furniture? Some people are surprised to find commissioning bespoke furniture is an option. Not only are there skilled furniture makers out there creating affordable custom furniture, but buying custom made has a number of other benefits over mass produced alternatives. 

Good custom made furniture will perfectly suit the space it occupies. When you work together with an artisan to create a unique piece of furniture, you can make it exactly to your taste, tailored to your needs. Plus, you are supporting the makers from concept to delivery. Precisely crafted, durable and structurally logical furniture will far exceed any other furniture options. Technically you can achieve anything, especially if you're using a versatile material like plywood.

custom plywood furniture

The focus of custom made furniture is quality. Making a one-off item involves a level of care and focus that will never be matched by mass-produced goods. At Happy Sunday for example, our furniture makers are motivated by the opportunity to treat each piece of plywood furniture like a work of art. 

When you buy handcrafted bespoke furniture you are living more sustainably. Tonnes of furniture is thrown away each year. At furniture makers like Happy Sunday, not only are we producing quality furniture made to last, but because we specialise in plywood furniture, it's a sustainable choice. 

Of course, client relations are crucial. There are different approaches to commissioning a piece of furniture. The degree of client-maker collaboration will define the creative boundaries. You can be collaborative, working closely with the furniture maker, you can completely specify the design you want, or you can trust the maker and leave it in their hands. Either way, it's lots of fun which means you'll enjoy your new one-off piece of furniture even more.